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Make Members Matter 会员为尊 உறுப்பினர்களுக்கு மதிப்பளி Keutamaan untuk ahli

Beat the Clock Award

Program Dates: May 1 – June 30

1. District Executive Committee and Council Meeting Reports, 20/5/16
. Club Growth Director - New Clubs 2015-2016
. Amendment to District Directory


Make Members Matter
All Members are Happy
All Clubs are Healthy
All Areas are at least Distinguished Area
All Divisions are President Distinguished Division
District 80 President Distinguished District
By 31 May 2016


District Director
2015 - 2016
24 May 2016

Let’s stay focus!
Our target is to achieve President Distinguished District:
10 more paid club(s)

787 more paid membership(s)

We met distinguished club goal!

"Purpose determines the good, marks the path, and furnishes the motion power..."                                

                                                                                                           ~quote by Dr. Ralph C. Smedley.

1.     Meeting with Senior District Officers (SDO’s)

My heartfelt thanks to our SDO’s for attending the regular monthly meetings, though we changed the meeting days at times due to availability concerns, thank you for the understanding. I truly enjoyed and appreciated their selfless efforts of working together as a team to ensure the district’s success!


2.     District Leaders Mid-Year Training in Auckland, New Zealand

Our District Trio attended a 2-day Region 12 & 14 Mid-Year Training on January 8-9 @ The Langham, Auckland, New Zealand.


3.     Townhall Meetings with Division Directors and District Trio

This was a great initiative started by Past District Governor, Pradeep Kumar DTM in 2013-2014. We resumed it this term as it was beneficial in helping the District Trio connect with the Division Directors. A total of 7 meetings--some meetings with the same purpose-- were conducted at several occasions due to the availability of the Division Directors. For example, in November 2015, we conducted 5 sessions to meet all 11 Division Directors. Thank you to the Division Directors for the commitment.


4.     District Performance:

We are counting down with less than 2 months for the term, but we are counting UP of our District Performance!

Congratulations to our Achievers:


President Distinguished

Division B Director, Gayle Wong
Division G Director, Nurfaisah M. Bamadhaj

Division L Director, Alan Kam DTM
Division S Director, Vicky Soo
Division V Director, Lim Ang Chew DTM
Division Z Director, Jenny Au DTM


Select Distinguished Division

Division E Director, Hijazi Mohd

Division U Director, Neil Han DTM

Distinguished Division

Division A Director, Ramkumar DTM


President Distinguished

Area B2 Director, Daisy Yeo

Area B3 Director, Wilson Ong

Area G2 Director, Simon Foo Sek San

Area G4 Director, Goh Wei Ling
Area G5 Director, Lim Zhen
Area L4 Director, Foo Say Li


Select Distinguished Area

Area A1 Director, Omar Sahib Salma Begum

Area B1 Director, Simon Yeung

Area E2 Director, Koh Kong Min

Area L1 Director, Dusadee Tan
Area S5 Director, Haresh Paramesvaran

Area U3 Director, Elpedio Allego Jr (Jun)

Area V3 Director, Chua Chor Eng
Area Z3 Director,
Wong Teck Chuan, Roy


Distinguished Area

Area B4 Director, Clement Chio

Area D1 Director, Angie Ng

Area E4 Director, Prem Methani

Area E5 Director, Michael Lum
Area L2 Director, Ong Kam Chuan

Area L5 Director, Jenny Teo Bee Moy

Area S2 Director, John Lee

Area S3 Director, Lim Kai Kok Zeb

Area U2 Director, Cheng Thuan Seng Edwin

Area U4 Director, Ho Wai Leong

Area V1 Director, Lim Lang Kheng

Area V5 Director, Ang Ngua Pheng

Area Z2 Director, Hu Ri Chen

Area Z5 Director, Robert Chen

I am pleased to update District 80’s performance as follows
Singapore (as of 2016-05-24)



to date




President Dist.


Rank in

in world

Rank in


Need More…


Paid clubs






13 87.9%   2






Mem payments






20 80.8%   1






Dist. clubs






12 88.9%   1








Goal 1.  10% Net Club Growth (208 to 229 Clubs, net growth of 21 new clubs with no club loss) 

-        We have, to date, chartered 14 new clubs with 10-12 more prospective clubs. As we target two net club growths for each division, together with Club Growth Director Tay Tiam Teang’s persistence, perseverance and determination plus the commitment of our Division Directors to achieve at least 22 new clubs for this term, I believe we can make it! 

Congratulations to Divisions G, S & V for achieving net growth of 2 clubs, and Division A, B, L, Z with one net growth to date. More good news on the way!

-       We will lose 4-5 clubs this term, we still worked hard to revive these clubs, some corporate clubs decided to close due to change of management and/or lack of leadership team to continue the club mission.

-       Including last term, 22 club coaches have been appointed and we believe many clubs will be awarded distinguished this term.

Goal 2. 10% Net Membership Payment Growth (11,359 to12,495 Membership Payment) 

-       10 out of 11 Divisions achieved 100% and above April membership dues payment. I am referring to payment of the minimum 8 members and above. From now till the term’s end, Division and Area Directors will put in the extra effort to ensure that all clubs settle their members’ April dues.

-       Our District performance for membership are impacted by 7 clubs that have not met the minimum dues payment requirement or not made any payment and all clubs which have only made payment for the minimum requirement. We have to address this issue from now till the term’s end.

-       We would like to encourage members to go for the “Beat The Clock” challenge! Go For It!

Goal 3.  75% Distinguished Clubs (71% to 75%)

-       We met President Distinguished Clubs Goal!

-       We see better education goals compared to last term. Thanks to the hard work of Program Quality Director Patricia Lum DTM for her conscientious efforts to encourage members to go the extra mile. The Quality Speech Challenge was a great idea to motivate members to be better speakers and not just in fulfilling the education awards.

-       We have 52 clubs that are almost distinguished; these clubs either require a single educational goal or meet their membership requirements. 41 out of 52 have not met the minimum membership requirement. I urge all Division and Area Directors to assist these clubs to succeed by achieving distinguished club status.

-       The One-Step-Up Double Award to Clubs that were non-distinguished and new clubs were well received, to date 21 clubs have achieved the awards.

Club Goal (222 clubs) Count Percent
Member qualification: 20+ OR +5 136 61.3%
  20+ members paid 124 55.9%
  +5 members from July 1 base 38 17.1%
Goal 1 (2 CCs) 104 46.8%
Goal 2 (2 more CCs) 39 17.6%
Goal 3 (1 AC) 93 41.9%
Goal 4 (1 more AC) 36 16.2%
Goal 5 (1 CL/AL/DTM) 123 55.4%
Goal 6 (1 CL/AL/DTM) 76 34.2%
Goal 7 (4 new members) 168 75.7%
Goal 8 (4 more new members) 108 48.6%
Goal 9 (officers trained) 181 81.5%
  4+ officers trained (Jun-Aug) 197 88.7%
  4+ officers trained (Dec-Feb) 189 85.1%
Goal 10 (paperwork) 217 97.7%
  1+ dues renewals on time 217 97.7%
  1+ officer lists on time 222 100.0%
5-6 goals 52 23.4%
7-8 goals 46 20.7%
9-10 goals 30 13.5%

5.     Area D5 Director Resignation
Randy Toh Yong Hung ACG, ALB has resigned from Area D5 Director due to his school’s timetable and he was not able to fulfil his role and responsibilities as an Area Director, serving his clubs’ needs. Division D Director Timothy Lin ACG, ALS has been appointed as the acting Area D5 Director; he will continue to serve Area D5 Clubs, including Area Visit Reports and to encourage Area D5 Clubs to do their best before the end of the term.
I would like to put in record that Randy Toh, though did not fulfil his duty as Area Director as he was the Organising Chair leading his team of NTU Toastmasters to a successful District 80 Semi-Annual Conference, which was held on October 24 & 25, 2015 at NTU.
We hope that he will be back in action as our District’s future leader.


6.    Acknowledgement / Appreciation
My appreciation goes to our fellow toastmasters for the friendship, encouragement, advice and support given during my term and I want to thank all of them.


Ø  My special thanks to Past District Governors Pradeep Kumar DTM for the tireless advice and support (also District Leadership Committee Chair & Mediation Advisor, especially during my difficult moments), Michael Rodrigues DTM for his encouragement (also District Alignment Committee Advisor), Poh Kim Siong DTM  for the constant sharing and guidance, Aziz Mustazab DTM for answering my calls when needed, Augustine Lee DTM for the hospitality during PIP Ted Corcoran DTM’s visit, Goh Wei Koon DTM for his professional training at Divisions, Edward Ma DTM for being the District Chief Ambassador and, last but not the least, Michael Wee DTM for being the District Parliamentarian.

Ø  I wish to thank all District Officers, Division and Area Directors for your diligence in serving your clubs and members. My heartfelt thanks too to my pillars: Senior District Officers, PQD and CGD for your trust, partnership and understanding; Administration Manager Yap Boon Liang for the tolerance, patience and care; Finance Manager, Azizah Sapari DTM for the cautious and strict control of the district’s money and  beloved District Public Relations Manager Annabelle Fabia-de Arroz DTM for the effective and productive actions.

Ø  I also wish to acknowledge our Special Appointment Holders: helpful Administration Team Belinda Woo, Eliya Narasingham DTM & Jacky Huang; meticulous Audit Team Christine Lim DTM, Fok Sooi Khum, Gerald Yong & Jessica Ng; District Translator Ee Soon Huat for handling my last minute requests without complains; District Alignment Chair Helen Lee DTM for handling restless changes; Credential Chair Suanny Gouw and her advisor Kong Pak Fee DTM for ensuring a successful district business meetings!

Ø  Many thanks to our generous sponsors for the District Directory: Richard Ong DTM, Harikrishnan DTM, Harry Yeo, Ida Lee, Teo Ging Siang DTM, Richard Lee & Alan Kam DTM.

Ø  Not forgetting our District 80 Toastmasters, thanks you all for the kindness, understanding and support plus your private messages of feedbacks and encouragements, be it being my Facebook friends with the awesome postings and “Likes” that invigorate our District 80, Make Members Matter Facebook Group.

Last but not least, yes, Let’s stay focus, our Term will only end on 30 June 2016…


Let’s stay focus!
Our target is to achieve President Distinguished District:
10 more paid club(s)

830 more paid membership(s)

We met distinguished club goal!


District Mission

We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.

Tay Yiang Ping, DTM
District Director's

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