Let’s End The Term With a Bang


Dear Members,

there are so much to do for the next 3 months. Whilst we will be kept busy attending to these events, I’m sure our excitement levels too will be on the rise in eager anticipation over the activities to come.

Business Meetings

The FUN conference starts with our final business meetings:

The 3rd DEC will be held from 9.00am to 10.30am

The 2nd DCM will be held from 10.30am to 1.30pm.

Please do take note that the DEC is organized for Senior Officers, Divisions and Areas Directors.

The DCM is organized for Senior Officers, Divisions and Areas Directors, Club Presidents and Vice-Presidents of Education.

Please mark these dates down on your calendars and attend these sessions, which are absolutely free!
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80区域总监 新春贺词



从昨天学习, 为今天生活, 寄望予明天–爱因斯坦

在与2016挥手道别之际,我们兴奋地迎接2017年的到来。缅怀过去,展望未来本来就是人之常情。让我们以感恩的情怀感谢在过去的一年我们获得的学习成果及所建立的深厚友情。 在这许多的福报中,我们最感恩的是与各位讲演会同好一起度过的充实日子。


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District 80 Director : Happy New Year Everyone!



Dear Fellow Toastmasters,

Happy New Year!

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. – Albert Einstein

Its wonderful that you are enjoying a merry Year-End holiday judging from the many messages on Facebook and Whatsapp groups we had the pleasure of receiving.  Our well-deserved rest gave us a chance to recharge, relax and explore new avenues and challenges.

We are excited as 2017 is upon us. That is to say we have travelled one more time round the sun. Isn’t that a marvelous wonder?  With the New Year around the corner we have many things to be thankful for in 2016. We are thankful for what we have learnt and the wonderful friendships we have forged. Amongst these blessings we are thankful for the fulfilling journeys we enjoyed with Toastmasters.
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District 80 Director’s Opening Address For The Term



Day break has come and morning has broken.

As a brand new dawn ushers in, so too has our term begun with newly set goals, newly targeted achievements and a whole host of powerful new dreams waiting to be realized.

Bob Dylan once sang how ‘..the times, they are a-changing..,’ and he could very well have been talking about our Toastmasters journey. We are greatly energized by the new plans which we believe will discover, sharpen and further our skills both as speakers par excellence as well as leaders of integrity and compassion. We will serve by empowering you to achieve your personal goals, chart club successes as well as ensure that the district is able to support, inspire and guide as you set about accomplishing your plans.
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Senior District Officers 2015-2016 End of Term Messages:The Term That Was



Make Members Matter 会员为尊

Dear Fellow Toastmasters,

I am writing this final message as the first District Director of District 80, Singapore with a heavy heart and mixed feelings.

Personally, it has been a great year for me; and I’m sure for most of us in the district for term 2015-2016 as well, much achieved and much to be proud of.
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